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Chapter 1 Basics of Online Research

1. Online research
Online research is a research method conducted through the Internet /
Effective marketing research method for solving problems /
Online quantitative and online qualitative research

2. Online quantitative research
The most commonly used survey method for online surveys /
Consists of a questionnaire monitor and a questionnaire system

3. Online qualitative research
Qualitative research in Japan, which was delayed in online compared to Europe and the
United States /
Two methods, synchronous and asynchronous / Post-corona online qualitative research

4. Advantages and disadvantages of online research
The advantages of online quantitative research are speed, cost reduction, sample selection
/The benefits of online qualitative research are consumers' understanding of 360 ° /Post-corona online research

5. Why online research?
Effective insights by collecting fast, cheap, and accurate data /
Digitization of consumers and marketing / Impact of the coronavirus disease

6. Marketing problems and online research
Understanding of "marketing" is essential for understanding marketing issues /
Accuracy of "research design" that determines the success or failure of the research /
Having many toolboxes for online research methods

7. Online research data collection and analysis
Selection of survey respondents (who) / preparation of survey questionnaire(what to ask) /
analysis and report

8. Specific steps to carry out a DIY self-research
Three methods of conducting research / DIY self-research procedures / Advantages of DIY


Chapter 2 Online Quantitative Research

1. Evolving online quantitative research
Evolution of questionnaire tools / Evolution of survey target panel / Challenges of online
quantitative research

2. The rise of online surveys ── Why is it so popular?
From threat to opportunity / Start-up strategy / Contribution to customer understanding

3. The practice of online quantitative research
Selection of targets in online quantitative research /
Tips for creating questionnaires for online quantitative research /
Tips for successful online quantitative research

4. Response AI’s next-generation insight platform
Current quantitative research trends / Quantitative research automation: second wave /
response to the needs of researchers: the birth of AI

5. Customer experience research
What is customer experience survey / Various customer experience indicators / Customer
experience survey services

6. Medallia Experience Cloud for Customer Experience Management

What is Medallia / Text analysis of Medallia /
Understanding from both the "whole journey" and "customer 360 ° view" /
How video analysis can be useful for research operations /
Crowdsourcing example: P & G

7. Challenges of online quantitative research ── How will it change in the future?
Sustainability issues / To maintain and improve quality /
To Insight Platform


Chapter 3 Online Qualitative Research-Basics and Procedures

1. Online qualitative research
Japan's qualitative survey, which has been delayed online /
Responses to online qualitative research differed between Japan and Europe and the
United States in Corona / Transformation of online qualitative research /
Online Qualitative Research Landscape /
Challenge to use: there is no absolutely right way

2. Online group interview
Online Group Interviews and Depth Interviews /
Create dynamics in online group interviews /
Moderation techniques for online group interviews /
Online interview in the post-corona era /
Case study: online interview system by Teisei Ishin no kai

3. Theory and practice of online group interviews
Problems with online group interviews /
Cause and reason why group dynamics does not occur /
Causes and reasons for not maintaining concentration / Problems specific to online / Other

4. INTAGE Inc. Online Interview
Procedure for conducting online interviews /
Main benefits: Easy to participate and understand how people live /
Various evaluations are possible online /
Some aspects that are difficult only online / Online interview software, Remote-i

5. Overseas qualitative research : offline vs online
Online qualitative research that surges due to corona pandemic /
Offline method with excellent context understanding /
Cost-effective online method /
Online method and expected technological innovation

6. Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BBFG)
Online qualitative research method that can be done quickly and cheaply /
Reasons why BBFG is frequently used / Issues of bulletin board focus groups / Examples
of bulletin board focus groups

7. Qualitative survey
When there are many free-answer questions about the actual situation / Qualitative survey

8. Qualitative agile tracking research
Challenges suitable for qualitative agile tracking research /
How to proceed with qualitative agile tracking research / Research results and summary

9. MROC: An online qualitative research method that has become established around the
10 years have passed since it was introduced in Japan /
Mitsubishi Research Institute MROC Permanent Community / MROC Classification

10. Ideation's MROC case
Deployment of MROC in Japan / Examples of MROC utilization in new product life
penetration survey /
Ideation method using MROC /What you need to do to make MROC successful /
Why MROC is not popular in Japan

11. MROC and online focus groups hybrid research
Hybrid survey that can be done on one platform /
MROC platform with online focus groups function

12. Overseas MROC: International research that can be conducted in Japan
Inbound: MROC example of overseas company in Japanese market /
Outbound: MROC example in overseas market of Japanese companies /
JNTO (Japan Tourism Bureau) overseas MROC for inbound visitors to Japan

13. The future of community research
Forces for Change / The Corona Virus Pandemic / Concerns About Data Quality /
The Devolution of Research / A Shift To People Centricity / The Future For Communities
And Research /
Five Action Points For Communities


Chapter 4 Online Qualitative Marketing (2) -Examples and Points to Note

1. Social media listening
What is social media listening / Utilization of social media listening /
Possibility of social media listening

2. SNS insight analysis
"SNS insight analysis" to extract insights by qualitative analysis /
Positioning of SNS insight analysis in research /
The most effective SNS for discovering insights = Twitter /
Output of SNS insight analysis /
SNS Insight Analysis Case Study: "Nikko" strategy

3. Online workshop system "DIGI-LAS"
Background of online workshop system development /
Benefits of conducting online / Basic functions of "DIGI-LAS" /
Workshop that evolves digitally / How to use "DIGI-LAS" /
"DIGI-LAS" future prospects

4. Healthcare online qualitative research
Medical research in corona pandemic: doctor research /
Patient qualitative research : patient journey

5. Online insight research
What is an online insight survey?
You can get insights online by "going to see humans" /
Collect a huge number of facts (n = 1) online /
Because it is online, people's devilish desires are revealed /
4 elements of information for discovering insights /
Define value and derive valid ideas

6. Challenges of online qualitative research
Is online focus groups possible? / Qualitative researcher's response to data explosion /
Participant issues of online qualitative research -- recruiting


Chapter 5 Online Research and Research Tech

1. Research Tech
Technology evolution / Research tech and martech /
Research paradigm shift by AI

2. Data analysis application areas and online quantitative research
Areas of application of data analysis in marketing /
Log data and online quantitative research data in data analysis /
Each data analysis application area and online quantitative research /
Example of combined analysis of online quantitative research and log data

3. Marketing utilization of whole and real number data

Marketing with whole and real number data /
Efforts to value data / Expansion of data utilization /
Ability to utilize collected data required of researchers

4. Search for designs that pierce consumers with web research and AI technology
Utilizing optimization technology for issues that determine the "combination" that
consumers prefer /
Generate design proposals that reflect the tastes and concepts of consumers

5. Hybrid research by dynamic survey
Overview of dynamic survey system / Example of using dynamic survey

6. Brand specific AI
Interactive online survey /
Expansion of research situations and importance of brand-specific technology /
Technology to solve brand identification problems / Difficulty of brand identification /
Algorithm for brand identification / Example of using brand identification AI /
Brand-specific AI web service

7. Market insight platform for AI utilization
Knowledge management /
Market Logic's Market Insight Platform /
Cases of Colgate-Palmolive


Appendix Services of online research-related companies

1. Domestic service
Online Quantitative Research Related / Online Qualitative Research Related /
Representative companies that actively promote online research ① Asmark Co., Ltd./
A representative company that actively promotes online research ② INTAGE Inc./
Representative company that actively promotes online research ③ Cross Marketing Co.,
Representative company that actively promotes online research ④ Mindia Co., Ltd./
About other research companies

2. Overseas service
Overseas online quantitative research service / Overseas online qualitative research

3. Marketing research information source
MR-related industry groups and MR-related conferences / Information services




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